Appointments at Raynen Therapies are always one-on-one with your therapists. For all our services, you should expect the initial assessment to be around one hour as it allows our therapists to administer a comprehensive evaluation while developing a customized treatment plan. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your initial assessment to allow for the completion of the initial intake forms or these can also be filled out ahead of time on our website.

During a visit to Raynen Therapies, you may take part in more than one service offered at the clinic. Many of our patients get treated for pain by our physiotherapist or chiropractor, while also seeing the massage therapist for soft-tissue work. Each session may be between 30-90 minutes in length, but it will be time well spent!

Our massage therapy sessions are a combination of manual therapy/soft tissue techniques while our physiotherapist and chiropractor combine manual therapy and acupuncture, and exercise rehabilitation.

Always wear comfortable clothing for your appointments!