Joints are where two or more bones come together. The joint is made up of the bones, the ligaments (which stop the joint form moving in ways that it shouldn’t) and the joint capsule (which helps to hold lubricant in the joint). Joint pain can come from damage to any of these structure, or the muscles and tendons around the joint. This pain is usually aggravated by movement of the joints and can last as a dull ache in the joint even at rest. These injuries usually result in joint stiffness and weakness, that can lead to further increase in pain and decreased ability to walk, run, jump or even how long you can sit or lay down for.

At Raynen Therapies will will focus on decreasing your pain levels initially, while also increasing both your range of movement and strength of the joints and muscles in both the painful joint and the other joints around it. To do this we will use an assortment of treatment techniques including Interferential current, massage, ART, acupuncture, stretches and strength exercises. Your treatment plan will be custom made to remedy your issues.