Sports are a great way of keeping fit and healthy, however there is also the risk of injuries from taking part in all sports. Most of the time injuries are not too serious and may require a few sessions to decrease the pain, and restore movement and strength. Rarely are sports injuries serious enough to require further medical attention like surgery, but if this is required it is vital to commence a rehabilitation program to restore strength, range of movement and proprioception while decreasing pain to get you back to your previous level of sports performance.

At Raynen Therapies will will focus on decreasing your pain levels initially, while also increasing both your range of movement and strength of the joints and muscles in both the painful joint and the other joints around it. To do this we will use an assortment of treatment techniques including Interferential current, massage, ART, acupuncture, stretches and strength exercises. Your treatment plan will be custom made to remedy your issues.