At Raynen Therapies, our practitioners understand the power of a global, movement based approach. We employ the “joint-by-joint” approach looking for optimal mobility and stability of subsequent joints and identify compensations to this movement paradigm. If mobility restrictions are noted, we will immediately employ passive/active manual techniques, dry needling, mobilizations with movement, or any technique to increase the ROM. Once we have improved the mobility, we will fix the stability issues with corrective exercise. Often times, the brain does not know how to control the joint in dynamic movement (STABILITY), and we need to re-train the brain to do so. These exercises will become part of your home exercise program. During this form of treatment, you may notice that we aren’t paying much attention to the area of pain and THAT IS OKAY. At Raynen Therapies, we NEVER chase the pain, but rather find the dysfunction causing the pain and correct that instead. of the painwe’re looking for the cause of the pain