Julia Hejazi

November 29th, 2019

After having chronic lower back pain for months and seeking physio and chiropractic treatments at other clinics that resulted in no pain relief, I had lost hope and relied heavily on medication. One day I woke up and could barely move. I knew I needed help and was reluctant to go back to physio, but I was in great need. Since I’ve come here, I have had 2 physiotherapists and 1 massage therapist from Raynen therapies give me treatments over the past couple months, and to my surprise, they have helped bring my pain level down to 0, and have helped my body gain strength in areas that needed it. With great care and insight (and never rushing your treatments), they provided me with a wonderful healing experience and took all my concerns into consideration throughout the process. This is a very supportive team, who is extremely knowledgeable and will without a doubt, help you get your body back to functioning order in no time. Look no further. Help is available, help is here! Let your healing begin.